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More than 4000 products in total from Snacks to Cleaning, Personal Care to Baby...

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Comments From You

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" Cepbasket has been a real life saver, in this Covid times and really just at any time. I am very grateful for this App and the ease with which orders can be placed and received. The Couriers are also very nice and courteous. "

- Adeola M.

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" A huge vote of appreciation to you guys for enabling online payments. It really helps us with making as little contact as possible in these covid times. And your customer care is top notch 👌🏾 "

- Hillary M.

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" The service is very fast and the selection is quite varied. 👍 "

- Zone D.

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" I love the app, it is very detailed and user friendly. "

- Opanuga T.

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" The best way to fight Corona virus is to stay at home and order from internet online. "

- Narmin B.

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" Great Idea for staying at home. At first App crashed constantly but developers fixed it fast. It has good UI and fair prices. I will recommend this app. "

- Cyrus B.

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" Very excellent idea and very good service. "

- Saeed Q.

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" Perfect app! So useful. "

- Bally M.

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" Amazing experience. "

- Nabeel K.

Why Cepbasket?

Don't go around the market, the market price of what you are looking for is in your pocket with one click, and at your door in minutes!

Follow up your order instantly!

All the products you have choosen will be packaged after the last checks, see the status of your order in each step, will be at your door as fast as it can!

Fast Delivery

Thousands of products, at your door in 30 minutes!

Share your comment!

Your ideas are important for us, evaluate your carrier and also write your ideas after the order!

No Alternative / Missing Products

No possibility that the product you have chosen is out of stock, no chance of sending an alternative product instead. Product you choose is at your door with the price you see!

Coronafree Market

Products are not taken from any market shelf, but from the shelves accessible by our colleagues who regularly undergo PCR tests in our warehouse, packaged and delivered to you.

How can we help you?

Contact us via 7/24 Online Support any time you want and take information on any topic you want.

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